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Building strong brands by measuring which images and ideas stick

Ad Testing

Predictive and diagnostic ad testing across all media types, that creatives can use. Predict ad performance with measures of attention, brand-linkage, communication, and motivation.

Diagnose and optimize with patented Picture Sorts® that measure attention, emotion, and meaning of each visual to predict long-term brand-building memories.

Norm-based advertising testing system validated to in-market awareness and sales results.

Identify the heart of the story, the peak moments that drive ad performance, with frame-by-frame visual analysis. Identify relevant copy that stands out.

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Brand tracking
BARS Brand Tracking

Competitive ad tracking, predictive ad testing, and visual brand memory measurement integrated into one actionable and predictive monthly research system.

Agile and affordable at one-third the cost of comparable research products.

Monthly competitive benchmarking. Measure a brand’s share-of-memory as a fast-moving metric that predicts future sales.

Track awareness, emotional response, and brand-linkage monthly for up to 9 storyboards (or key images) for all ads in the category across media.

Identify the ads driving monthly changes in share of memory to understand changes in share of market.

Affordable value starting at $7900 per month.

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Correlation network
Brand Architecture

Go beyond focus groups to quantify System 1 associative memory for building brand image with a balanced approach that measures the rational, verbal component of brand-positioning, and the emotional, visual components of brand-image.

Identify key brand equities from images that recur across different advertising executions and discover opportunities for future creative development.

Visual Memory Network that correlates the most memorable and emotional imagery from across an entire advertising campaign.

Semantic network analysis that identifies the path-to-purchase for the brand-positioning idea.

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By benchmarking against competitive creative we were able to improve our ad performance to come from behind and pull ahead of the competition in our category.
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Jon Achenbaum
General Manager, Unilever

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