We just completed a quick study to evaluate the comparability of using new methodology (drag and drop picture sorts) on a new device (iPad). The entire sample completed the survey on an iPad, and took an average of 16 minutes to complete it. 
The experience completing the study on an iPad was so positive that 100% of the audience said that if they took this survey again, they would prefer to take it on an iPad again instead of on a laptop or desktop computer. They loved the experience dragging the pictures in the picture sort section (attention and emotion), saying that it was easy, cool, fun, and game-like. 
In terms of distractions while taking the survey, only half of the audience was focused completely on taking the survey. The other half were mostly watching tv (46% of total), using other programs and apps on their iPad (2%), and doing something else (6%). About one quarter of them (24%) had some amount of interruptions while taking the survey.
The best news for us was that despite the differences in methodology and survey device, the Flows of Attention and Emotion lined up almost perfectly to a study we tried to mirror from over a year ago. 
~Sona Thayer, Ameritest