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Building strong profitable brands

Ameritest are world leaders in understanding how advertising builds strong brands though memorable advertising. For over 30 years, we have focused on using memory measurement in brand and communications research, winning the Advertising Research Foundation’s David Ogilvy Award on six occasions.

Company founder, Chuck Young, is the author of Making Memories, the ultimate guide to how advertising builds brand memories, and our research directors are all experts in the field.

Our mantra is: ‘If you’re not talking about memory, you’re not talking about marketing’.

The remembering self is sometimes wrong, but it is the one that keeps score and governs what we learn from living, and it’s the one that makes decisions

Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize-winning author of Thinking Fast and Slow, emphasises the importance of memories in decision-making.

Man jumping into lake

The power of images

Whilst all brand memories are influential, visual memories are the most important. Aristotle was right when he said, ‘The soul never thinks without a picture’. Try to remember something right now. Can you do it without an image coming to mind?

The brain uses images to help capture meaningful moments and to access them later when making purchasing decisions, which is why imagery is so important to brand building. It is also the reason that Ameritest has pioneered the use of images in measuring brand memories and advertising effectiveness.