Advertising Research Solutions

Ameritest’s visual approach to branded communications research

is designed to answer your questions from the earliest creative concept stages to a fully produced advertising and branded content campaign.

Using our proprietary System 1 technique, you literally see what story your consumer filtered for and what made it into memory. This approach does more than demonstrate what your consumer watched; it offers you a map of what your consumers kept–and it is what they keep that is the key to creating branded memories.

We also interrogate the data to translate the emotional response to your communications into the narrative language of emotional story structures that have been proven to work. These visual methods allow you to focus exactly where you need to if tweaks are needed, and to learn in a highly specific way about what is driving your success.

We help you see what your consumers see in a way no one else can, making sure your brand stories are turning into consumer memories.

Television/Video Communications

When it comes to TV and video advertising and content, it’s important to treat this form of brand communication as the film narrative l medium that it is.

Ameritest’s visual approach to advertising research works at any stage in the process. Our consultation can begin at any point, from refining the concept, and developing storyboards, to understanding performance of animatic or finished film ads, to analyzing the potential success of campaigns.

Most advertising research helps you filter ideas, but does not provide the clear next steps you should take to make them better. Our research includes reviewing ads through the eyes of your audience, which is key to strengthening your advertising. We gather very specific and unique data to better understand what your consumers are taking away from campaigns, and how they feel about your brand.

Formats include:

  • Concept
  • Storyboard
  • Animatic / Photomatic / Boardomatic
  • Finished
tv video communications
print advertising

Print Advertising

There is a misconception that print ads are static because they do not have the temporal dimensions of TV advertising. While the print ad itself does not move, a well designed print ad has the power to move the mind and eye through the content to create a ‘moving’ advertising experience.

We not only measure how and where the eye moves through the ad, but also what the mind processes and remembers as it is viewed.

Print formats include:

  • Magazine
  • FSI
  • Newspaper
  • Menu / Brochures / Pamphlets
  • Digital Magazines

Digital Advertising

Today the most successful digital ads are called on to do the heavy lifting that TV, video, and print advertising have historically done–and at lengths as short as 6 seconds.

With digital, concerns like brand safety have driven a need to better understand the context–and the lift seen with congruent message and content is driving a new kind of research that brands must understand for digital success.

Today’s digital world continues to expand beyond banners and pop-ups to social, pre-roll, and mid-reel advertising on a wide variety of platforms. Our in-context testing of digital allows you to understand how your digital communications will function in the platform in which you will run them, whether that’s Facebook, YouTube or CNN.

And our published understanding of how brand communications are impacted by the adjacent social content allows our consultants to offer up best practices in this space.

What you gain by testing your digital content:

  • Deeper insights into the motivational, perceptional and brand-building impact of your communications and content
  • The impact of congruence of brand message and social content
  • Pinpoint why your content is successful, or why it’s not
  • Publish the most effective content the first time
  • Avoid running digital content that could potentially hurt your brand

Digital Formats Include:

  • Online banner, display, etc.
  • Social Media
  • OTT Online Video (pre-roll, mid-roll, etc.)
  • Webpage

Package Testing

Your last point of communication with your customer is your package.This is where you need to activate the right levers to close the sale.

We research the quality of your communication within the package, and what it tells people about the product brand they are about to purchase. Because this is the last opportunity to make a difference in that behavioral push, it’s important that you apply the correct emotional strategy and messaging.

We can help you ensure a completed package is powerful and poised to have the largest possible impact.

Package Testing

Campaign Testing

Campaigns typically contain many moving parts. We look at each piece of the puzzle, and make sure they are consistent and working together effectively.

We evaluate how well the pieces work together. We analyze your campaign across media formats, to evaluate whether it is using print, radio, TV, video, and digital channels effectively. This process of gathering consumer insights will help you understand not only how each piece individually creates branded memories, but also how they function as a group.

This approach is important for any campaign, but it can provide critical feedback when investing in a change of brand direction, or evolving the brand in any way.

Point of Sale Creative Testing

If you are utilizing brand strategy for an in-store advertisement or display, make sure it is reaching consumers in the way you want. This is one of your last points of communication with your customer, so it is a critical part of your brand communication.

We use point of sale research and consulting to ensure you better understand what to communicate to move from a visual or emotional brand experience to action.

Creative Meta-Analysis

To create the best overall strategy, brands sometimes need to look up from the single execution or campaign and view creative through a wider lens. Ameritest is uniquely poised to provide solutions in this area.

Our approach to brand and consumer research is highly visual, and we understand how to communicate needs and strategy to your creative team. It’s extremely useful for a brand to develop a deeper understanding of best creative practices across categories; that is what this solution is designed for. This may include revisiting creative approaches, and incorporating or changing emotional strategy, use of humor or drama, or the overall portrayal of brand purpose.

For this research, we can look at competitive ad campaigns and brands. The customized research of the creative meta-analysis begins by identifying a problem, and ends by delivering solutions that clarify the effectiveness of your creative.

Meta Analysis

See how your communications are performing in-market