On Thursday, March 3 at 12noon EST, Ameritest will be presenting insights into CPG advertising in China based on research we recently conducted.
Below is a brief synopsis of what will be discussed. If you would like to listen in, for free, please e-mail me at sonya@ameritest.net and I’ll send you the login information.

Ratna Ralkowski – Research Director, Ameritest
Sharon Evans – Senior Research Analyst, Ameritest

Estimates that China will be the world’s third largest consumer market within the next decade has many brands eager to tap into the country’s consumer potential. But who are these consumers? And what are the rational and emotional dimensions that creatives should focus on in order to be effective in the Chinese market? Join Ameritest’s Ratna Ralkowski and Sharon Evans as they share the results and insights of an in-depth study analyzing 5,000 interviews spanning 50 CPG television commercials in the food and beverage category. The report will cover many important topics for international brands wanting to make their presence known in China, including:

  • What are key brand perceptions that correlate with attention-getting and motivating creative in China? What types of visuals best communicate these values?
  • Why do Chinese consumers respond differently to international vs. traditional brand advertising?
  • Are certain types of food and beverage ads more successful than others at generating attention?
  • What are key factors that contribute to strong branding?
  • Does celebrity presence boost performance of ads in China?
  • How does culture affect the meaning and interpretation of visuals?

Hope you can join us!