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The Trouble with Rivalries

Let’s face it – humans are no strangers to rivalries, and are happy to pick a brand, become a fan, and continue the argument. As brands have learned, this can drive up loyalty through a feeling of belonging and can be very hard to unseat.

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The Art and Science of the Customer Conversation

It’s easy to forget that it actually has not been that long that we’ve used the word ‘conversation’ to describe what happens between a brand and a customer. Conversations were not the norm as brands pushed out ads that were once unskippable and contacting the brand...

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An International “Tour de Conference”

As we walked out of IIeX North America last June, I declared to my colleague, “I’m going to speak in the New Speaker Track at IIeX next year!” Naturally his response was, “That’s great… but what are you going to talk about?” I didn’t know for sure, but thought that...

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