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We talk about brands. A lot. We are directors at Ameritest, a branded communications research consultancy, and will be talking about advertising and branded content in all its forms. And because we believe creating branded memories is the way brands best drive choice, expect to hear us chatting about brain science and memory, and breaking it down in a fun way. Thanks for listening and becoming part of the conversation!



The Trouble with Rivalries

Let’s face it – humans are no strangers to rivalries, and are happy to pick a brand, become a fan, and continue the argument. As brands have learned, this can drive up loyalty through a feeling of belonging and can be very hard to unseat.

Congruence Counts in Advertising’s New World Order

In days of yore, advertisers interrupted the regular scheduled program with a brief message. But those days are over. Viewers can watch what they want, when they want, and how they want. And no one wants their viewing experience interrupted.

Price and the Advertising Premium

Peter Drucker, the original management guru, once taught, “If you can’t charge a premium price for your product, then you don’t have a brand.” So how do brands get to charge that premium?

The Art and Science of the Customer Conversation

It’s easy to forget that it actually has not been that long that we’ve used the word ‘conversation’ to describe what happens between a brand and a customer. Conversations were not the norm as brands pushed out ads that were once unskippable and contacting the brand...

An International “Tour de Conference”

As we walked out of IIeX North America last June, I declared to my colleague, “I’m going to speak in the New Speaker Track at IIeX next year!” Naturally his response was, “That’s great… but what are you going to talk about?” I didn’t know for sure, but thought that...

What You Want and What You Get: The Ask

As we wrote in our last blog introducing this series, we are publishing trends from our research this summer interviewing those who work with and directly buy research. It is an important part of how we, as a consultancy, can better learn about those we value most,...

What We Did This Summer

While we definitely had our share of road trips, BBQ’s and ice cream, we also did some work. Some serious work. We were very focused on a project that was close to our hearts: talking to clients about their experience working with research providers and how it can be...

Advertising Trends from the 2018 “Millennial Superbowl”

In case you missed, forgot, or haven’t seen MTV since Jersey Shore first aired over 10 years ago (am I aging myself?), the VMAs were August 20th. And while you might be wondering, “What does Jennifer Lopez have to do with anything?” Sadly, not much, because what...

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