If you haven’t already, please visit Parts I-III of Completing the Picture.

Looking past Kahneman’s book, a useful next step is to assemble the dichotomous categories he describes to build an analytic matrix for thinking about advertising. The matrix shown in the exhibit below shows how this framework can be used to classify different advertising research techniques.

The upper versus lower half of the matrix is a division between System 1 Thinking versus System 2 Thinking. The left side deals with how advertising engagement with the Experiencer Self might be measured with these new instruments in real time, while the right side deals with how branded memories can be retrieved from the Remembered Self, by asking questions after advertising exposure.

There is no implication that any one quadrant is more valid than the others since each represents a piece of the whole truth of our total self. Indeed, information and insights gleaned from each of the four quadrants has the potential to complete the picture of how advertising works.

Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 10.18.03 AM


Next week we will look at how the research techniques fall in each quadrant, starting in the historical order in which they were developed.

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