As Mother’s Day quickly approaches we can’t help but remember the wonderful moments we’ve shared with our moms. Whether its remembering the ways she’s influenced us, helped us grow, or cared for us, we’re certain that our moms are one of a kind, and it takes a very special kind of person to be a mom. So this Mother’s Day we wanted to explore ads that harness the power of emotion while celebrating the person who’s always there for us, our mothers.

In years past we’ve seen powerful ads that have shaped the world of advertising – ads from companies like P&G, Johnson & Johnson, and American Greetings.

Our first ad explores just what it means to be a proud mom. P&G captured beautiful moments that a mom shares with her child, because before they were Olympians mom saw their potential. You don’t have to be a potential Olympian to connect to the struggle of the child or the support of the mom.
P&G’s Thank You, Mom

In this next ad, P&G displays the strength it takes to be a mom, and how they’re always there for us when we need them. We can feel, through this ad, the physical reactions of fear and uncertainty and then the calming affects of mom’s strength and support.
P&G’s Thank You, Mom – Strong

Even though being a mom can be scary, the only thing a child sees through their eyes is just how wonderful their mom is. This next ad shows mom from the eyes of the child.
J&J’s You’re Doing Ok Mom

In advertising the power of emotion plays a vital role in communicating a brand’s story. One of our favorite ads uses a creative reveal structure to show us just how much our moms do for us all of the time. And, encourages us to remember them this Mother’s Day.
American Greetings: World’s Toughest Job Link

From all of us here at Ameritest, thank you moms – for all that you do!