In-Market Tracking Solutions

You’ve run a brilliant campaign, but you have questions.

Did it work? What are consumers taking away? What memories were left behind?

Ameritest has answers to your  questions and more. We measure the impact of your communications across various media, and against your competition. You walk away knowing what each ad does on its own, how they’ve been working together to capture Share of Memory, the optimal frequency, and potential order effect.

Brand Health Tracking

This method of brand research provides tracking and understanding of the perceptions of your brand and its Share of Memory.

We consult and design research to help you understand perceptions of your brand individually, and in relation to your competitors. Beyond just evaluating the creative, we use research to understand brand memory, creative effectiveness, and reputation tracking. This gives us a big-picture framework of your brand health, so you can create the most effective communications moving forward.

brand health tracking
ad tracking

Ad Tracking

You invest in your creative so that it will establish strong brand memories and communicate your emotional strategy. Understanding whether ads are effectively promoting your brand communication goals is at the very heart of what we do.

We tailor consumer research to secure significant diagnostic feedback on your current creative, using in-market creative research while also looking at creative effectiveness post-testing. This research will help you not only understand how your creative is doing within the market, but also to help you understand what may be holding it back, and why.

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