Ameritest books

Ameritest Books

The Advertising Research Handbook is an indispensable guide for advertisers seeking to get the most from their advertising research. How to Analyze an Ad describes what to look for in an ad to make sure it will be effective in market. Making Memories is the culmination of Chuck Young’s life-long quest to understand how memory works and apply it to the development of great advertising.

Ameritest papers and articles


Mapping Advertising Memories

Article about pretesting creative across media channels and learning how ads work together to build brands.


Taking Up
a Lot of Memory

Article highlighting the marketing value of developing advertising that sticks in people’s memories.


Advertising in the Time of Coronavirus

Report on the effectiveness of ads by 9 major US brands aired in early 2020 all designed to showcase their response to Covid-19.


The Structure
of Longterm
Ad Memories

Unique study details how advertising scenes recalled 9 years later can be accurately predicted from Ameritest pretesting.


A Memorable Impression

Article about how marketers can sell to the three brains of the consumer: the conceptual (‘head’), the social (‘heart’) and the physical (‘hand’).


Here’s Looking
at You

Article discussing what the movie Casablanca can teach us about conducting better ad research.


Virtual Store

Article describing a research method that allows retailers to improve sales by conducting store checks remotely.


The Theatre
of the Mind

Article describing how the ‘theatre of the mind’ metaphor is a useful way to think out about brands and the role of advertising.


How Attention Connects
to Memory

Article about how brainwave measurements and survey research can pinpoint the moments in ads that people will remember.


BMW Movies –
from Luxury Car
to Movie Star

Article illustrating the importance of the brand being the hero when developing branded entertainment.


Fast-working Advertising

Article explaining why and when quick-cut video advertising can work well.


Predicting Sales
from McDonald’s
Ad Testing

White paper on the relationship between ad pretest results and sales effects based on analysis of McDonald’s advertising.


McDonald’s –
Ad Quality is Key to Driving Sales Growth

One page summary of an extensive analysis showing a strong relationship between ad quality and sales growth.