Ameritest is proud to introduce BannerSnap, a fully automated banner ad pre-test designed to meet the fast timelines and strict budgets of most digital campaigns.

BannerSnap measures ad performance in a controlled environment that mimics the actual consumer experience, while delivering richer and more actionable insights than monitoring online metrics can provide.

BannerSnap combines outcome-based metrics of ad breakthrough and impact with diagnostics including Ameritest’s patented Picture Sorts® to deliver insights that:

  • Predict how creative will perform in-market
  • Provide guidance for creative optimization

We are inviting digital advertisers to participate in our Spring Introduction and to try out BannerSnap for just $1,000 per ad, for up to 5 ads.

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BannerSnap What You Learn.png

BannerSnap Optimization Diagnostics.png

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Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 10.19.32 AM.pngTo learn more about BannerSnap, the Spring Introduction, or our other digital testing capabilities, please email Eldaa Daily at or call (505) 348-5736.