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The Trouble with Rivalries

Let’s face it – humans are no strangers to rivalries, and are happy to pick a brand, become a fan, and continue the argument. As brands have learned, this can drive up loyalty through a feeling of belonging and can be very hard to unseat.

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Deep-seated and long-lasting

Memory has been and remains a favorite topic of Holly wood, for good reason. It can act as a powerful and dramatic plot device, setting up sever obstacles in films such as The Bourne Identity and Memento. And it functions simultaneously as a character study. It...

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We talk about brands. A lot. We are directors at Ameritest, a branded communications research consultancy, and will be talking about advertising and branded content in all its forms. And because we believe creating branded memories is the way brands best drive choice, expect to hear us chatting about brain science and memory, and breaking it down in a fun way. Thanks for listening and becoming part of the conversation!

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The Art and Science of the Customer Conversation

It’s easy to forget that it actually has not been that long that we’ve used the word ‘conversation’ to describe what happens between a brand and a customer. Conversations were not the norm as brands pushed out ads that were once unskippable and contacting the brand...

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An International “Tour de Conference”

As we walked out of IIeX North America last June, I declared to my colleague, “I’m going to speak in the New Speaker Track at IIeX next year!” Naturally his response was, “That’s great… but what are you going to talk about?” I didn’t know for sure, but thought that...

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Create a lasting impression

"The human brain....just think about this problem for a second. Here is a lump of flesh, about three pounds, which you can hold in the palm of your hand. but it can contemplate the vastness of interstellar space." -Villayanur Ramachandran, neuroscientist You don't...

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Video: Are Consumers Eating Their Feelings

To build memories, marketers tap into the brain’s three major memory systems: episodic, procedural, and semantic. You can think of these systems as the head, heart, and hand that work together to drive brand choice. The head searches for and embraces attribute,...

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