Our Toolbox

Ameritest has great consultants,
but even the best people won’t be effective without superior tools.


That’s where our methodology comes in. Our customized designs are built to solve our clients’ business needs, using validated, proprietary methods created by Ameritest. This gives our consultants an edge because pairing great minds with great tools translates data into actionable insights…allowing our clients to do something, not just learn something.

Ameritest sees what others don’t. Literally.

Our visual diagnostics allow our clients to see how the collective mind of their consumer is filtering their message. We capture that process of attention and memory, and identify the emotional meaning connected to those moments.

When it comes to your branded communications you know what you want your consumers to take away. The question we can help you answer is…

Did they?

The Flow of Attention®

Unlike graphs of what your consumers are experiencing in real time, we measure what they kept. Our Picture Sorts® Flow of Attention® reveals the System 1 selection process of the human mind as it selected what was important to bring into memory. This allows us to read the story that your consumer takes away from your creative and diagnose what specific actions can be taken to strengthen it, if necessary.

As we now know from brain science, System 1 is the strongest mental player in the decision-making process because it filters what it allows into consciousness and memory. Understanding that specifically is vital to unpacking how to drive brand choice. By allowing forgetting time in the survey process, and then interrogating which imagery is remembered, we are able to give our clients a roadmap to better communications by measuring the impact of the System 1 filtering process on your creative story. This allows for learning about both the short-term individual, executional message, and the longer-term building of the brand.

In alignment with this visual diagnostic, we analyze how the verbal copy of the message was remembered and its relevance to the consumer. This adds another level to of insight to how the story is working.

The Flow of Emotion®

While critical to understand, it’s not enough to simply see what story your consumer has built in memory. It’s vital to understand the emotional impact of that story. Our Flow of Emotion® enables us to graph the emotional power and intensity of that story and identify what role your brand played in it.

Over thousands and thousands of use cases, we have identified powerful story structures that demonstrate what role the brand is playing in visual messages. This enables us to help our clients understand how to increase the emotional power of their communications by uncovering when and how that power was unleashed.

This emotional read, combined with the pattern of attention, is invaluable when it comes to brand building through messaging.

The Flow of Meaning®

There is a third layer to our visual diagnostics that closes the loop on visual interrogation of branded communications.

Once we know what story your consumers allowed into memory, as well as their emotional response, we uncover what meaning they associated to that experience and to your brand. That Flow of Meaning® allows our consultants to get at the specific language that helps brands build on the emotional energy they create.

These meanings do not stand alone. They are linked to verbal diagnostics like copy and brand persona and attributes, allowing clients a complete picture of their branded communications.

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