Creative territory development

Explores different ways to express your brand’s positioning and identifies the creative territories with most potential.

Ad pre-testing

Assesses the potential of advertising ideas and executions across all media and provides insight on how to make them more effective before they go live.

Cross-channel creative testing

Assesses how different creative elements work together to shape brand perceptions and highlights opportunities to strengthen individual ads and optimize the mix.

Brand and advertising tracking

Measures how brand equity and positioning are evolving over time versus objectives and shows which elements of the current advertising mix are most effective.

Brand and campaign reviews

Establishes the equity and positioning of your brand versus competitors and the contribution of each element of your recent advertising campaigns.

Award-winning memory-based methods

including PictureSort®, CopySort®, FlashTest® and Branded Memories™ Maps.

Making research budgets go further

The need for consumer understanding has never been greater yet research budgets continue to be squeezed. Research teams are being asked to deliver more with less. Ameritest offers various annual subscriptions that allow you to fulfil more of your research needs for less money, in return for your commitment.

Flexible annual subscriptions

For example, our full Brand Advertising Research System ‘BARS’, consisting of 12 waves of brand and advertising tracking, 4 pre-tests and 1 brand and campaign review, represents an incredible 40% price reduction compared to the products bought individually. Other money-saving combinations include:

4 Pre-tests

+ 1 brand and campaign review
25% off

4 Pre-tests

+ 12 waves of tracking
30% off
We can also offer the following as part of any subscription of a significant value:
  • Free training workshop(s)
    These are virtual half-day sessions run by a world-class trainer covering a wide range of topics.

  • Free meta-analysis
    These draw on multiple projects, revealing general learnings that will make your future advertising even stronger.