Brand and advertising tracking

Keeping pace with competitors

Ameritest’s brand and advertising tracking is the ideal way for a brand owner to make sure their brand is building and maintaining strong, relevant memories that allow it to compete well in the marketplace and deliver sustained revenues and profit.

Our research tells you:

  • How well your marketing activity is building brand perceptions.

  • Which activities are having the biggest impact.

  • If there are any competitive threats that you need to respond to.

Marathon runner reaching the finish line

Tracking what matters

Marketing is a game of memory – to win you need to occupy more territory than your competitors and secure it. Ameritest tracking uses validated Brand KPIs based on this thinking:

  • Share of Memory. A brand with a high share of memory comes to mind quickly and easily when people are planning or making a purchase which means it has a chance of making onto their short-list.
  • Share of Consideration. If the memories that come to mind are relevant and appealing, people will consider the brand, giving it a better chance of being chosen.
  • Target Brand Positioning Attributes. Assuming your strategy is effective, the brand will thrive if the advertising and other experiences succeed in shaping brand perceptions in the desired way.
  • Advertising Recall & Response. To be effective, advertising needs to be remembered, create and emotional response and convey the intended brand meaning.

Short, mobile-friendly surveys

Our tracking involves, short, focussed surveys that are optimized for people responding on mobiles. This means we can recruit highly representative samples, maintain high levels of data quality and keep costs down.

Leveraging Google Trends

For many brands, Google Trends data is a valuable complement to survey tracking data. It’s free to use and ideal for providing a headline measure of brand equity – for example in countries where full survey tracking would not be cost effective. It can also provide useful feedback when monitoring the launch of new products and services.  As a part of our service, we extract and analyse Google Trends data whenever relevant and incorporate it into our interpretation and reporting.

Expert advice when you need it

Unlike some of the large research agencies, we provide all our tracking clients with a personalized service and full access to a true expert in brand and communications to discuss the data and what it means for the business. We customize our tracking to meet your needs whether that’s aligning the  measures to your brand objectives and life-stage, or selecting the competitors you are most interested in.

Our low overheads mean you get access to the best talent without being nickel and dimed when you want their advice or just want to talk something through.