Brand and campaign reviews

Taking a step back

Ameritest’s brand and campaign reviews are designed to provide a snapshot of how your brand stacks up to competitors, how this has changed since last time and which elements of your recent advertising have cut through and had an impact on your brand.

Our research tells you:

  • How your brand stacks up with competitors
  • Which brand positioning attributes are driving purchase motivation most effectively
  • The overall impact of recent advertising on brand perceptions
  • Which elements of the advertising, across all media channels, have contributed to progress towards the brand objectives.
Set of three pressure dials

This insight enables you to validate or refine your communication strategy in terms of messaging and channel choice, and guides future creative development.

Smart survey and clever analysis

The survey includes validated Brand KPIs and positioning attributes for your brand and key competitors and uses Ameritest’s PictureSort® technique to measure the impact of your recent advertising.

We an include up to 20 different campaign elements and identify, through analysis, which has driven Brand KPIs most effectively. These can include key TV ads, sponsorships, online ads, branded content – creative from any medium, in fact, or even other brand assets such as logos. Results are summarized in a unique Branded Memories™ Map that reveals exactly how the advertising has shaped perceptions of your brand.