Brand image development

Identifying the right image for your brand

World class advertising is borne of great thinking and insightful consumer feedback from the very start of the development process. The first step is to make sure everyone is aligned on what the brand should stand for, who it is aimed at and how it should be positioned. The next crucial step is to determine what the brand image should be.

As experts in imagery and communications, we can help you define a brand image that will bring your brand’s positioning to life, makes it stand out from competitors and inspire exceptional advertising.

Our research tells you:

  • Which perceptions underpin your brand’s existing appeal and should not be undermined by future communications

  • What different people care about in relation to the category

  • What your brand should stand for and how it should be positioned

  • How far the brand could be stretched without alienated existing customers

  • Which territories would work best for your brand

  • The appropriate tone of voice for your brand within each possible territory

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A flexible, tailored approach

We offer a variety of qualitative research approaches and workshops tailored to your brand and category. Within every project, we will leverage our unrivalled understanding of how brand image can reinforce brand positioning and lead to highly memorable and meaningful advertising that drives brand growth.