Creative territory development

Finding the right creative direction

We identify the creative territory that will bring your brand positioning and image to life for the target audience in the most compelling way and provide pointers on how to execute it brilliantly through your brand’s advertising. This gives you confidence that your communications will be based on a strong foundation and provides the insights you need to develop effective executions straight away.

Our research tells you:
  • Which territory has greatest potential for developing strong communications and igniting brand growth.
  • The images, words and phrases that resonate most powerfully with the target audience, stretching the brand in the desired way without disconnecting from it.
  • Which positioning dimensions, reasons to believe and persona attributes combine to drive purchase intent most effectively – to help you fine-tune your brand objectives if required.
Multi-highway in Penang

Our proven two-stage approach

Stage 1
Collaboration sessions involving the client, Ameritest experts and the creative agency. These identify between one and three creative territories worth exploring further and how they should be tested in Stage 2.

Stage 2
Quantitative survey. This uses Ameritest’s award winning memory-based research methods PictureSort® and CopySort® to identify which territory to go with and how to execute it well.