Cross-channel creative testing

Checking how campaign elements work together

Our cross-channel creative tests assess how different creative elements work together to shape brand perceptions, identify which are contributing most and highlight opportunities to strengthen the ads and optimize the mix.

Our research tells you:

  • The overall strength of your campaign.
  • How well it fits with the brand.
  • The holistic impact on brand perceptions.
  • The contribution of each campaign element.

  • The memorable images that make the campaign effective.

  • Which specific aspects of the campaign are detracting.

Optimizing your campaign

By identifying which campaign elements are working well together, which are letting the side down and why, you will be able to optimize individual ads and ensure the final mix will delivery against your objectives. As with our single media pre-tests, our multi-media campaign tests include PictureSort®, our winning memory-based technique that identifies those crucial images that should be used widely to make the campaign more effective. 

Busy Tokyo street
Busy Tokyo street