Ameritest is proud to be a thought leader in our industry.

Since our founding nearly 30 years ago, Ameritest has used innovative research methods to gain crucial insights into visual communications, integrating System 1 attention ‘flows’ with established story structures and the emotion that drives them.

But methodology alone, no matter how effective, does not help clients with their specific business problems. It is our deep bench of experienced consultants with category and marketplace expertise that allows us to focus those methods on solving our clients’ needs, from design through recommendations.

Alongside our client-based brand and consumer research, we have spent the last three decades documenting our findings. Here is a collection of published writings from Ameritest that provide insights into the learning and expertise our programs have produced over the years.

Branded Memory
by Charles E. Young

The Advertising Research Handbook
by Charles E. Young

How to Analyze an Ad
by Charles E. Young

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