Prediction and explanation are the yin and yang of advertising research. When you have both together you have the most useful kind of information: a prediction about the future that makes sense, so that you can believe in it, and act on it. Putting together the yin and the yang is why you’ll start hearing ideas from two companies and not just one.

Ameritest & Communicus got together recently to complete the circle for our clients who need to understand the effectiveness of their advertising campaign both before and after it is deployed in market.

Ameritest is first and foremost a company that is based on making accurate predictions about the future market performance of advertising of all kinds: television, digital, print, radio, outdoor, packaging, etc. We make these predictions based on various measures of creative quality: Will a new ad break through to grab Attention? How well Branded is it? What does it Communicate? How Motivating is it?

Communicus is a company that brings unparalleled explanatory power to your in-market tracking studies. It can answer questions like: What are different media contributing to the total impact of my integrated marketing campaign? What are the stronger and weaker executions in my creative pool? Are some ads beginning to wear out? And even the question, What would have happened if I hadn’t advertised?

Not too long ago, when working for some of the same clients, we discovered how well our two kinds of data fit together. As part of our annual validation process, we were lining up Ameritest predictions with Communicus in-market results.

Communicus was quick to point out that this was a much higher hit rate than the other major pretesting systems that they are normally asked to validate

As a result, Ameritest and Communicus have begun an active collaboration to electronically connect our two measurement systems together to provide a continuous quality improvement process for maximiazing the value of your total advertising research program.

Ameritest likes to think of itself as the Yin to Communicus’ Yang.