F.Lee Bailey is one our nation’s first superstar attorneys. His success in the criminal courtroom, and celebrity clients ranging from Sam “the fugitive” Sheppard, to Patty Hearst and O.J. Simpson, brought him fame and fortune.

When asked to share the secret to his success, he once explained that that there are five types of evidence that he uses to persuade a jury of his client’s innocence.

I use the acronym “JEAPS” to make them easy to remember:

Judgment of Experts:





Personal Experience:



So try thinking of consumers as your jury, the ad campaign as your closing argument and yourself as F. Lee Bailey — and then go sway your jury with these five types of evidence.

Tom Rehfeld is a SVP & Senior Research Director at Ameritest and the author of this week’s post. He was also an avid viewer of the OJ Simpson trial.

Tom Rehfeld