This week, Domino’s has taken something that should be a given (at least, you would hope) and promoted it in a way that viewers can’t help but notice. It’s so simple, I can’t believe they didn’t think of it before…real cheese on a pizza? Genius!

Or is the real genius that instead of hiding behind crappy promotions, Domino’s is facing their critics head on, admitting past mistakes and correcting misconceptions? Whatever it is, people are buying it…literally. With same-store sales up nearly 14%, it’s hard to deny the power of facing the truth. This week’s ad continues Domino’s “reinvention” and tackles the notion that the cheese on their pizzas isn’t real. A room full of focus group participants have the walls pulled out from around them to find themselves in a pasture, surrounded by cows and Farmer Dan reassuring the respondents that Domino’s cheese is 100% real.

[wpvideo Rfo3TH9H]

This ad is doing many things right: good Attention and Motivation and great Branding. But, how are they doing it? Let’s take a look…

The ad grabs viewers from the get go:
From the introductory copy:
– Actual Domino’s Focus Group and Domino’s doesn’t want me to know what is really in their ingredients. The first is only printed on screen and the second is the first line of dialogue. However, both are remembered by over 75% of viewers.

To the story that can be told in these five highest recalled images:

It also successfully functions as an emotional pivot. Any negative emotion felt toward the skeptical comments from the focus groups diminishes as the room is dismantled, revealing the farm and real Wisconsin cheese. The success of this structure halos back to Domino’s as the “hero.”

Negative Emotion: 35%

Positive Emotion: 75%

But wait, there’s more. Guess what this image communicates?

63% of respondents select…fresh ingredients!

It gets even better. What meaning did they select for this image?

Fresh Ingredients: 39%
Good Taste: 49%
Value: 52%
Quality: 28%

All in all, Domino’s has clearly earned a spot as this week’s big cheese.

What do you think? Does Domino’s latest campaign have you convinced?